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“After living in Spain for a couple years, and getting to hunt there multiple times years later, I knew we had to add these outstanding hunts to what we offer our clients and friends.” – Garet Jones

In addition to our guides from Utah and Idaho that can accompany our hunters in Spain, we have some exclusive Spanish guides that will always be on the hunts as well.  We acquire tags all around the country depending on what species are desired.  We tailor the custom trips to exactly what each hunter has in mind from unparalleled hunting, unique Spanish cuisine, and even sight seeing castles and historic sights.  We have weapons in Spain available to use or we can help you get the paperwork to bring your own.  We handle everything from picking you up from the airport, to dropping you off, and everything in between.  These are all inclusive adventures at a great price!

Some of the unique species found in Spain to hunt are:

Gredos Ibex: Often considered the heaviest horned and most impressive of the four Spain Ibex species.  The Gredos mountains are in north central Spain.  Hunters are able to fly into Madrid to hunt these Ibex.  We have access and can get tags to the best Gredos Ibex areas in all of Spain!

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18e03f3f-b804-44d3-a80d-91d075b2cf97   IMG_2967   IMG_2971

IMG_2973 IMG_2980   Gredos Spanish Ibex (Capra pyrenaica victoriae) Sierra de Gredos, Avila Spain

Beceite Ibex: Longest horned of the Spanish Ibex and characterized by a wide spread and “palm” shaped horns.  The Beceite Mountains are in eastern Spain near the Mediterranean coast.  Fly into Barcelona for closest access.

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IMG_4529  IMG_4634  MVOUE2860

So many great thing to see near Barcelona and Spain’s eastern coast.

IMG_7587    IMG_E7589   IMG_E7586

Cantabrian Chamois: One of two Chamois species found in Spain.  Found in one of the most magical and impressive mountain ranges in all of the world.

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IMG_0977   IMG_0196   IMG_7463

IMG_9494   IMG_E9734

Pyrenean Chamois: The second of the two Chamois species found in Spain.  The Pyrenees mountains create the boarder of France and Spain and it goes without saying that they are beautiful and formidable.

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Roe Deer

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SFLW3753   HPHWE8473

Iberian Mouflon Sheep

IMG_E0717   IMG_3921    ae3e28f0-c08f-4d13-b9d7-a6e990fbad66


South Eastern Ibex

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Ronda Ibex

6f504ac2-e7b3-4761-8925-f9502328928f   eb929fd2-12b1-4bdc-a71e-628c8dc2c676    IMG_9493

Iberian Red Deer

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