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There Wasn’t Anything That Could Have Been Better!

Dear Rulon,

    I just want to express appreciation to you and your guides & crew for a great week at Broadmouth Canyon Ranch this week. Ron and I had a great time. Ron is a contractor that has done a lot of work for us the last couple of years and is currently doing a big project for us. He had done such a great job for us that we promised him a trip that would get him an elk as big as one that I had killed last year, a 7×7 that scored 366 points. Well you helped us live up to our promise with the 8×8 scoring 415 points. Needless to say, Ron says that this was an experience of a lifetime.

Enclosed are some pictures that I took that might be of interest to you. Jadan is a fine young man, and we enjoyed him and Garret both very much. It didn’t take me long to realize that they were probably both return missionaries. We enjoyed your whole crew. Steve is an excellent cook and served great meals. We met your Dad, and he went out of the way to help us on Sunday afternoon. Express our gratitude to him for us.

Thanks again for an experience of a lifetime. There wasn’t anything that could have been better.